Effective & Economic Solutions For Industrial Heat:

We supply and help to source quality and cost effective refractory and heat insulation materials for a wide range of high temperature industries: ferrous and non-ferrous melting furnace, ladle, tundish, glass or ceramic kiln, rotary kiln for lime and cement, industrial boiler, refinery furnace, incinerator, power generating facility, heat transfer pipe line, chimney, just to name a few. Our refractories line covers various kinds of refractory brick (such as magnesia brick series, silicon carbide brick series, high alumina brick series, and fireclay brick series, ladle and tundish brick series), refractory castable, insulating firebrick, and stainless steel fiber. Our refractory insulation fiber line covers ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber textiles, fiberglass textiles, silica blanket and textiles. Our graphite product line covers graphite sheet, graphite foil, graphite packing, and graphite foil and yarn.

Refractory Brick and Refractories
Magnesia Brick; Magnesia Chrome Brick; Magnesia Calcium Brick; Magnesia Alumina Brick; Magnesia Carbon Brick; Magnesia Spinel Brick; Silicon Carbide Materials; Burned Magnesia Brick; High Alumina Brick and Fireclay Brick; Refractory Castable; Furnace Flow Control Refractories; Ladle Flow Control Refractories; Tundish Flow Control Refractories; Insulating Firebrick; Stainless Steel Fiber; and more…
Refractory Insulation Fiber Materials
Ceramic Fiber Blanket; Ceramic Fiber Board; Ceramic Fiber Paper; Ceramic Fiber Textiles; Fiberglass Materials; Silica Blanket & Woven Fabric; Insulating Firebrick; and other Refractory Castable and Refractory Insulation Materials.
Graphite Products
Graphite Yarn; Graphite Sheet; Graphite Packing; Graphite Foil; etc
Cannot Find What You Need?
For any other refractory brick or refractories not listed here, please feel free to give us a call. We will do our best to help you to find the right product.
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