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Ceramic Fiber Millboard

Shanghai GongYe offers a premium-grade, thin, dense ceramic fiber millboard product, which has excellent insulating properties and compressive strengths throughout its temperature use range. Our ceramic fiber millboard is produced in a unique, continuous board - manufacturing process from a blend of ceramic fibers, clay, insert fillers, and a small amount of organic/inorganic binders for increased handling strengths. Ceramic fiber millboard maintains its strength and thermal stability throughout a wide temperature range up to 2300 ºF. Our ceramic fiber millboard has close thickness and dimensional tolerances, and is easily die-cut. These features make our ceramic fiber millboard an excellent choice for many gasketing applications in a wide range of industries and applications. The high density and compressive resistance make our ceramic fiber millboard an ideal product for refractory backup insulation, as compared to lower density vacuum formed boards or more compressible paper products.

Typical Applications:

  • High temperature gaskets
  • Refractory backup insulation
  • Thermal and flame barriers
  • Parting media
  • Expansion Joints
  • Appliance insulation
  • Personal and fire protection
  • Molten metal contact
  • Asbestos replacement

Typical Features:

  • Thin, dense, durable insulating board
  • High temperature gasket product
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Easily fabricated and die-cut
  • Excellent back-up refractory insulation
  • Asbestos replacement millboard
  • Large sheet sizes
  • Close thickness and dimensional tolerances
  • Good thermal stability
Ceramic Fiber Millboard
Typcial Product Properties  
Temperature 2300 ºF  1260 ºC
 Working Temp. 2000 ºF  1093 ºC
 Melting Point 3200 ºF  1760 ºC
 Color Cream
 Available Density (Kg/m3)
                        (lbs / ft3)
 LOI (% by Wt) 8-10%
 Compressive Strength MPa (psi)
 @ 20% deformation
12 (1740)
Thermal Conductivity (W/m k)   
@ 752 ºF (400 ºC) 0.1
 @ 1472 ºF (800 ºC) 0.15
 @ 1832 ºF (1000 ºC) 0.18
Typical Chemical Analysis
Al2O3 38%
SiO2 57%
ZrO2 __%
Other 5%
Sizes Available mm(inches) 1400 x 1400 (55 x 55), 21 SQ.FT
Thickness mm(inches) 

1.5 (0.060), 3.0 (0.118), 6.0 (0.236),

9.5 (0.375), 12.7 (0.5)

Data are avarage results of test conducted under standard procedures and are subject to variation. Results should not be used for specification purposes. Note: A material safety data sheet is available upon request. The information, recommendations and opinions set forth herein are offered solely for your consideration, inquiry and verification, and are not, in part or total, to be construed as constituting a warrant or representation for which we assume legale responsibility. Nothing contained herein is to be interpreted as authorization to practice patented invention without a license.
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