◆    MgO Basic Brick

               ◆    Silicon Carbide

               ◆    Fireclay & High
   Alumina Bricks

               ◆    Flow Control

               ◆    Insulating

               ◆    Monolithic

               ◆    Stainless Steel

Fiber Insulation
Flow Control Refractory Materials
We supply a complete line of functional refractory materials for flow control of ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting and casting. Typical material grades are categorized as graphitized alumina, alumina-carbon zirconia, MgO alumina-carbon, and fused silica.
Slide Gate Plate & Nozzle  
Ladle Shroud
Stopper Rod
Tundish & Ladle Nozzles
Fused Silica Stopper Rod & Nozzles

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