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GongYe MgO Basic Brick Refractories

We supply a complete line of MgO basic brick refractries, which are categorized as follows:

1. Magnesia-Alumina (GMA) bricks are widely used in open hearth of steel and non-ferrous melting furnace and ladle.
2. Magnesia-Alumina-Chrome (GMAC) bricks are for even better application in hearth furnace and non-ferrous furnace and ladle.
3. Magnesia-Alumina & Magnesia Spinel (GMAS) bricks are commonly used for cement rotary kilns, glass regenerators, and lime kilns.
4. Magnesia-Chrome (DMC, SMC, RMC, MC) bricks are recommended for refining furnaces such as RH, VOD, AOD.
5. Burned Magnesia Brick (MZ) for steel furnace and ladle, lime kilns, glass tank, torpedo cars, and etc.
6. Magnesia-Calcium (MCA) bricks for cement rotary kilns, refining furnaces like AOD, VOD, etc.
7. Magnesia-Carbon (MCB, MAC, AMC, MCC) series for converters, EAF, ladle wall and bottom, refining furnaces like AOD, VOD, and LF.


Magnesia Alumina Brick, Magnesia Chrome Alumina, & Magnesia Spinel Brick


Magnesia Chrome Brick


Burned Magnesia Brick

Magnesia Calcium Brick
Magnesia Carbon Brick
Magnesia-Alumina-Carbon Brick, Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon Brick, Magnesia-Calcium-Carbon Brick
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